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Plant Status Update

May 12, 2014

Legacy Precast, LLC has come a long way within a short period of time.  We first mobilized onto our property located at 8725 FM 362, Brookshire, Texas in the late summer of 2013.  Through careful and thoughtful planning, we have been successful in developing our production facility into a state of the art precast plant.  Sitting on 50 acres, we have partitioned it into four (4) quadrants. 

  • The North-West quadrant of our facility houses all the Finished Product.
  • The South-West quadrant encapsulates our detention pond, our 300 cubic yard per hour semi-automated batch plant and aggregate bins.
  • The North-East quadrant is where all of the “Magic” happens, our PRODUCTION AREA.  Currently we have a Self-Stressing Double T form, a Self-Stressing Column form, a Self-Stressing Inverted T Beam form, a Self-Stressing Flat Table form, a Self-Stressing Flat Table form, a Precast Flat Table form, a Stair form and our Plant Services Building “PSB”.  The PSB houses our Tool Room, Weld Shop, Carpentry Shop, Equipment Maintenance Shop, Rebar Shop, Quality Control Lab and General Raw Materials storage area.   Our Production Office will also be located on the second floor once the PSB is fully developed.
  • The South-East quadrant will be developed into a future Architectural Plant which will have an enclosed building for the production of the architectural precast components and our permanent administrative office bulding.

Below are overhead pictures of the updated facility:

Legacy Precast, LLC’s next plant expansion will occur within the next six (6) months by adding a second Self-Stressing Double T form, Self-Stressing Flat Table form, Precast Flat Table form, Self-Stressing Column form and Self-Stressing Inverted T Beam form.  With the addition of these forms, we will be able to triple our current capacity.

This past month, after successfully completing our PCI Plant Audits, we have become an accredited PCI Plant certified producer of precast concrete in product group Category C4.

October 1, 2013

A large and significant majority of the plant site development is now complete.

Delivery and assembly of the double tee bed forms, which began September 17, is at least two- (2) weeks ahead of schedule.  The Hamilton Form Company deserves special recognition as having been instrumental in beating everyone’s schedule.

Our overall plant “go live” date for the entire plant remains at Tuesday, October 8.

Erection of the Plant Services Building (“PSB”) is scheduled for early October. All of the foundation and slab on grade work is now complete.  The PSB is where all reinforcing steel fabrication, metal shape fabrication, carpentry work and equipment maintenance work is undertaken.

Equipment deliveries are occurring almost daily. Our first gantry crane has been erected and is ready for use. The second gantry crane has been delivered and in the process of being erected.  The gantry cranes are the backbone of the plant operations and play a role in everything from pre-production placement of reinforcing steel to finished product storage to product loading.

As we continue to develop strategic relationships with select vendors we are pleased to communicate the overwhelming positive response from the marketplace.

That being stated, our upstream marketing and sales success for 2014 projects is such that we are already planning the Phase 2 Development and Expansion of the plant.

This will begin in early January, 2014 and should be complete by the end of April.

Again, if you have any needs with respect to project bids please contact our Mr. Tom Haines, Vice-President, Sales at 281.375.2050 or tomhaines@legacyprecast.net.

Below are some pictures of the progress to date.